Healthvit Thyme Essential Oil- 30ml

Healthvit Thyme Essential Oil - Thyme oil is ideal for use in massage to stimulate the mind for strengthening memory and concentration.
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Healthvit Thyme Essential Oil- 30ml

We offer thyme oil that is very much pure and unadulterated. Trusted by the ancient learning of the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Romans, the thyme oil is derived from a perennial evergreen shrub that is famous the world over for its transcending fragrance.

Benefits of Healthvit Aroma Thyme Essential Oil

  • The Greeks used it as incense in their temples whereas the Egyptians used it in their embalming process.
  • Thyme oil is ideal for use in massage to stimulate the mind for strengthening memory and concentration.
  • When used with a diffuser, the distinct aroma of thyme oil helps to repel insects and parasites like mosquitoes and fleas.


For Aromatherapy and External Use Only

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