VIVIS OIL - It contains essential herbs and oils that promote hair growth and prevents graying.
Manufacturer: Maximaa Proyurveda
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Vivis Oil is created with the perfect blend of Probiotics and special Ayurvedic herbs is Promotes hair growth and prevents graying.


Oil of Bhringaraj- Promotes hair growth and prevents graying.
Oil of Brahmi- Calms the mind and helps in sound sleep.
Oil of Jyotishmati- Improves micro circulation, promotes intelligence and sharpens the memory.
Oil of Kumari- Restores pH balance of the scalp and encourages hair growth.
Oil of Jatamansi- Restores pH balance of the scalp and encourages hair growth.
Oil of Karpur- Relaxes the brain and possesses anti depressant properties.
Oil of Amlaki- Stimulates hair follicles and rejuvenates damaged hair.
Oil of Henna- Used as hair dyeing agent.
Oil of Neem- Prevents dryness and flaking.
Oil of Tulsi- Anti fungal and anti biotic properties which help in eradicating scalp infections.
Oil of Manjistha- Acts as a blood purifier and promotes the healing of scalp tissue.
Oil of Ashwagandha- Produces anti oxidants reported to have anti ageing effects.
Oil of Erandamool- Reduces itching and cures dandruff. 
Oil of Dhatura- Removes dead cells.
Coconut Oil- Moisturizing effect on hair.


  • Graying of hair
  • Hairfall
  • Split-ends
  • Dandruff



Oil of Bhringaraj 3%.
Oil of Brahmi 1%.
Oil of Jyotishmati 1%,
Oil of Kumari 0.5%,
Oil of Jatamansi 0.5%,
Oil of Karpur 0.2%,
Oil of Amlaki 1%,
Oil of Henna 0.5%,
Oil of Neem 0.5%,
Oil of Tulsi 0.5%,
Oil of Manjistha 0.5%,
Oil of Ashwagandha 0.5%,
Oil of Erandamool 0.5%,
Oil of Dhatura 0.1%,
Coconut Oil 89.7%.


Apply 5 to 10 ml oil on the scalp and massage for 5 minutes or as directed by the physician.


MANUFACTURER: Maximaa Proyurveda

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