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Ayurvedic herbal powder for Hair growth. Helps enhance immunity. Has anti oxidant properties. Has anti inflammatory properties. Supports healthy digestion. Has beneficial effect on Hair, Skin.
₹ 660.00
Cumohills - 60 capsules is a herbal hair care tonic that aids good health for hair. It is also has anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties. It also helps control dandruff.It is also considered to stimulate the hair follicles, thus encouraging hair growth.
₹ 345.00
Natural herbal powder for prostate Supports healthy digestion. Has anti-inflammatory properties. Has diuretic properties. Helps maintain healthy urinary tract functions.
₹ 700.00
Healthvit Shatavari Powder - Healthvit-Shatavari is a well known rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb for women. Shatavari has been safely used in Ayurveda for fertility and vitality & may simultaneously improve lactation during pre & post delivery.
₹ 200.00
Jatamansi is a herb of choice for natural supports for mental conditions. It helps relieve stress, anxiety. It is considered to have anti inflammatory, digestive , circulatory properties. It helps calm the nerves.
₹ 2,560.00
Natural herbal powder for acne. Supports healthy digestion & healthy metabolism. Helps natural removal of toxins from the body. It helps calm the nerves.
₹ 1,130.00
Natural herbal powder for sunthi for digestion. Supports healthy joint care Has anti inflammatory properties. Helps maintain healthy digestive functions.
₹ 1,430.00

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