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Green Food Supplement. HDPE bottle contains 100 gms Powder. Main ingredient are Organic Wheatgrass powder. Excellent metabolic support & helps in detoxification.Helps improves Immunity, so useful in Healthy Cell Care & Blood sugar control.
₹ 425.00
Green Food Supplement. Laminated Sack contains 1000g powder. Main ingredient are Organic Wheatgrass powder.Essential micronutrients in Wheatgrass helps to improve Immunity, making it to be highly useful in diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart ailments & other long standing diseases.
₹ 2,755.00
Green Food Supplement. Laminated pouch contains 500g powder. Main ingredient are Organic Wheatgrass powder.Wheatgrass is effective in supporting various metabolic functions which in turn brings about detoxification of the body systems and further enhances nutrients.
₹ 1,395.00

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