NEUROTIP CAPSULES - It is perfect blend of Probiotics and also including it is a excellent stress buster and immuno modulator, Cerebral tonic and mood elevator.
Manufacturer: Maximaa Proyurveda
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Neurotip Capsule is created with the perfect blend of Probiotics and special Ayurvedic herbs is a excellent stress buster and immuno modulator,Cerebral tonic and mood elevator.


Guduchi- Excellent stress buster and immuno modulator.

Ashwagandha- Powerful anti oxidant reported to have anti stress effect.

Shankapushpi- Cerebral tonic and mood elevator.

Jatamansi- Potent anxiolytic beneficial in controlling anxiety and tension.

Pippali- Acts as a general tonic, hematinic and rejuvenator.

Shilajit- Rejuvenates and restores the body’s energy levels.

Satksheera Powder- Improves the efficacy of treatment by producing a faster result.

INDICATIONS: Helps in: Neuro muscular debility,Tension,AnxietyStress, Parkinson's disease,Alzheimer's disease.

DOSAGE: One to two capsules two times a day, preferably with milk or as directed by Physician.

Composition: Guduchi 400 mg, Ashwagandha 400 mg, Shankapushpi 300 mg, Jatamansi 216 mg, Pippali 250 mg, Shilajit 120 mg, Satksheera Powder 73 mg, (Contains Probiotics) 


MANUFACTURER: Maximaa Proyurveda

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