Morpheme Phyllanthus Niruri (Bhumyamlaki) Chanca Piedra - Stone Breaker - 500mg Extract - 60 Veg Capsules - 2 Bottles

Morpheme Phyllanthus Niruri (Bhumyamlaki) Chanca Piedra - Stone Breaker - 500mg Extract - 60 Veg Capsules- 1 Bottle Chanca Piedra, literally means "stone-breaker", is a small herbaceous plant widely used for kidney stones and gallstones. Also know as Phyllanthus niruri, it may help the body rid itself of toxins and also increases bile secretion of the liver.

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Bhumyamalaki is a powerful appetizer and laxative. It aids in digestion and restores liver function. It is extremely useful for liver diseases like jaundice, fatty liver and also useful in other diseases like malaria, diabetes, and urinary disorders. This herbal remedy is quite efficient in alleviating cough and asthmatic symptoms.


Each 500 mg capsule contains: Bhumyamlaki Extract. 
Dosage: 1-2 Capsules two times a day after meal.

Product Benefits

This herbal product is mainly used for liver disorders.

Bhumyamalaki is extremely useful for diseases involving gall bladder or bile secretion.

This natural medication could give you relief from gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea, dyspepsia, colic, and chronic dysentery.

Product Ingredients

Morpheme Bhumyamlaki capsules contains Bhumyamlaki (500 mg.) (Phyllanthus niruri) (Plant) Extract.

Dosage/How to Use

1 Capsule twice daily after meals.

Veg/Non Veg : Veg

Expiry/Shelf Life/Best Before : 3 Years

Size : 60 Veg Capsules Each Bottle


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