MaxARTHO OIL - It helps reduce inflammation and provides relief from joint pain.
Manufacturer: Maximaa Proyurveda
₹ 120.00


MaxARTHO Oil reduces inflammation,tackles degeneration and prevents swelling, leaving you free to back and make the most of life.MaxARTHO is a strong analgesic, reducing the pain in the joints and brings relief to the patients.


Oil of Salai Guggulu(Boswellia serrata)Gum 6.25%,
Oil of Nirgundi(Vitex negundo)Leaf 6.25%,
Oil of Pudina ke phool(Menthe piperita)Leaf  2%,
Oil of Jyotishmati(Celastrus panniculatus)Seed  5.75%,
Oil of Erandamool(Ricnus communis)Root  6%,
Oil of Gandhapura(Gautheria fragtissima)Seed  6%,
Til Oil(Sesamum indicum)Seed  68%.


Helps in Joint Pain, Back Pain, Low back Pain,Muscular Pain & Sprains.


Oil of Bhringaraj 3%.
Oil of Brahmi 1%.
Oil of Jyotishmati 1%,
Oil of Kumari 0.5%,
Oil of Jatamansi 0.5%,
Oil of Karpur 0.2%,
Oil of Amlaki 1%,
Oil of Henna 0.5%,
Oil of Neem 0.5%,
Oil of Tulsi 0.5%,
Oil of Manjistha 0.5%,
Oil of Ashwagandha 0.5%,
Oil of Erandamool 0.5%,
Oil of Dhatura 0.1%,
Coconut Oil 89.7%.



Apply Ayurvedic MaxARTHO Oil topically on the affected area and gently massage.The frequency of use depends on pain severity.

(For External Application Only) 



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