INLIFE Day Gold Cream

INLIFE Day Gold Cream - Visibly enhances your complexion.With sun protecting factor (SPF-20). Reduces blemishes and pigmentation. Lightens pimple scars and black spots. Gets easily absorbed into the skin.Light in texture with a non-sticky base.

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• 100% natural ayurvedic product
• Visibly magnifies your complexion
• With sun protecting factor (SPF-20)
• Regulates blemishes and pigmentation
• Lightens pimple scars and black spots
• Gets easily absorbed into the skin
• Light in texture with a non-sticky base
• Fused with properties of gold
• Ideal for all skin types


Usage - Wash your face with a mild soap or face wash. Apply INLIFE Day Gold Cream all over your face and neck gently. Apply till it gets absorbed completely. To be used during day time at least 15 minutes before you step out in the sun.
More Information INLIFE Day Gold cream contains concentrated extracts of all the above herbs and free from heavy metals. This cream is a pH balanced cream.

• Should not use talc after applying the cream
• Prefer face wash than soap
• Scrubbing & facial to be done once a month
• Apply 15 minutes before you step out in the sun

Fused with Properties of Gold -  
INLIFE Day Gold Cream is a natural skin whitening cream fused with the properties of gold. This makes it an ideal formulation to enhance your beauty. The powerful fusion of gold and herbs in this cream helps to lighten your skin and restore the elasticity of the tissues.

Visibly Enhances your Complexion -
It contains honey, known to be a natural cleanser, ex-foliates your skin to bring out a radiant and glowing complexion. The natural ingredients present in the cream helps to restore the moisture, softness and radiance of your skin thereby giving you a natural glow.

With SPF 20 -
It contains SPF 20 that shields your skin from harmful UV rays. Dark spots, redness and tanning caused by UV rays can be minimized with regular usage of this cream.

Reduces Blemishes and Pigmentation -
It contains Kumkuma which is known to be a valuable remedy for de-pigmentation of skin. It also helps to remove blemishes and improves the complexion of your skin.

Lightens Pimple Scars and Black Spots -
This luxurious gold cream is enriched with neem, aloe vera and ashwangandha.  Neem is a natural source of Vitamin C, helps in getting rid of skin problems like blackheads, pigmentation, dullness and ageing thus leaving your skin with a youthful glow.
Aloe Vera, the most important ingredient in this cream, has skin healing properties and also helps to reduce redness of the skin. It also prevents the outburst of acne and pimples.
Ashvagandha is known as a natural skin toner that helps to keep the skin glowing.
Apply it regularly for optimum results. For external use only.

Kumkuma (Saffron) (Sty & Stg.), Madhu (Honey), Thuta (Fruit), Nimba Leaf (Neem) (Lf.), Kanyasara (Aloe Vera) (Lf.), Ashvagandha (Withania Somnifera) (Rt.), Godhuma Taila (Wheat) (Seed Oil), Vitamin E, Ascorbic Acid, Svarna Varka (Pure Gold Foil), Cream Base q.s.


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