Healthvit Resveratrol 100 Mg 60 Capsules

Healthvit Resveratrol 100 Mg 60 Capsules-sugar metabolism,vascular function.
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Healthvit Resveratrol 100 Mg 60 Capsules.

Benefits of Healthvit Resveratrol:

  • It is a natural polyphenol found in red wine, peanuts and in some plants, including the herb Polygonum cuspidatum.
  • It is a small molecule, classified as a stilbene.
  • Polyphenols, such as resveratrol, possess antioxidant properties that help fight cell-damaging free radicals in the body which can contribute to oxidative stress.
  • It is in turn may contribute to the premature aging of cells.


Resveratrol 100 mg.


As a Dietary supplement for adults ,1 or 2  capsules  daily preferably at mealtime or as directed by health practioner.

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