Biotrex Nutraceuticals

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Biotrex Rapid Multipurpose Skin Care Soap - It helps improve skin tone and prevents dry skin.
₹ 450.00
Biotrex Revival - F women multivitamin minerals-Revival-F is a specially designed tablet for woman. Revival-F contain essential vitamins and mineral to support daily activity of women of all age. Revival-F tablets provide immunity to fight against various infections in day to day life.
₹ 690.00
Revival - 60 is fruit flavoured tablets with 35 important vitamins, minerals,aminoacids, nutrients and trace
₹ 690.00
Biotrex Revival Multivitamin Minerals- It provides essential nutrients that are vital for stress relief & nerve function.
₹ 500.00
Biotrex Slimtrex fat reduction for weight management-This formula Contains all-natural ingredients which helps to control choleserol .It functions without disrupting normal body process. Provides an excellent source of dietary fiber. Decrease body's absorption of fat.
₹ 450.00
Biotrex Vit- C Chewable-Vitamin C Chewable help maintain immune health, protect against damaging free radicals and are essential for collagen production. Chewable Vitamin C also aids with the absorption of iron to keep you feeling your best.
₹ 550.00
Biotrex Vitamin B12 1000MCG - It helps in the formation of red blood cells and improves overall health.
₹ 800.00

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