Biotrex Dermal Antibacterial Soap - Pack of 3

Biotrex Dermal Antibacterial Soap -It acts as a good cleanser. Prevents whitehead's and pimple.
Delivery date: 3-5 days
Manufacturer: Biotrex Nutraceuticals
₹ 270.00


Biotrex Dermal Antibacterial Soap - Pack of 3

Dermal is a very good cleanser, which dries and clear acne blemishes, blackheads, whitehead's & wipes excessive oil from the skin without irritation. Tea Tree Oil ensures antibacterial action against microorganism common to a pimple prone skin. Zink oxide helps us to make our skin fair. Powerful antiseptic & treat wounds to kill many strain of bacteria, virus, and fungi.

  • Helpful for acne skin
  • Applied to the skin for infection
  • Dermal contains Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Oxide & Glycerin


Direction for Use:

Use regularly, three times in a day, gently massage on the skin, avoid rub on skin.




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