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₹ 2,000.00 - ₹ 5,000.00
Joint Care. Pet Bottle contains 900 soft capsules.Helps in reducing inflammation and pain. Support to restore joints mobility. Helps to enhance strength of muscles and ligaments. Helps in strengthening bones and joints.
₹ 4,565.00
Terminalia bellerica Powder. Herbal powder baheda for digestion. Supports the respiratory system Helps detoxify the body. Acts as a digestive support.
₹ 2,620.00
Pet Bottle contains 900 soft capsules. Acts as an excellent stress buster. Helps relax the central nervous system. Supports to improve sleep quality. Supports to increase concentration and acts as a good support to Mental Health..
₹ 4,300.00
Natural Health Management. Pet bottle contains 900 Tablets.It Supports cardiac health. Helps maintain normal range cholesterol levels. Antioxidant properties helps in supporting heart from free radical damages caused by stress / strain.
₹ 2,255.00
Cumohills Value Pack helps to promote and maintain healthy hair. It also controls dandruff and hair fall. It is also considered to stimulate the hair follicles, thus encouraging hair growth.
₹ 2,322.00
Ayurvedic Churna for Diabetes Powder.Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.Supports stimulation of the body’s natural defenses.Helps balance metabolic functions.
₹ 2,250.00
Green Food products provide Nutrition & Energy for Diabetic patient, Detoxhills, Digeshills & Triphalahills improve digestion, Diabohills, Karelahills & Jambuhills Control Blood sugar, Methihills Controls cholesterol, Punarnavahills & Arjunahills Delay complication created by Diabetes.
₹ 2,471.00 ₹ 2,199.00
Women's Health. Pet Bottle contains 900 soft capsules.Helps to regulate menstrual cycle and maintains menstrual flow. Provides healthy hormonal balance. Helps to nourish & strengthen the female reproductive organs.
₹ 4,220.00

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